GSB = Group Study Book

GSB – Once Broken

Once Broken changed the author’s life before it was ever a book. One day, after he had already become a Christian, had gone to Bible College and seminary, and had pastored churches for more than fifteen years, he woke up and realized: he was broken…and needed healing.

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Once Broken Journal

The Once Broken Journal is designed to contain all the notes, thoughts, memories, and answers that the reader has on his or her journey to healing. It contains all the scriptures sited in the book (Once Broken), and all the questions you will need to answer on your way to healing; as well as ample space to record your discoveries. It also contains directions that will describe the best ways to use (OB) and answer the questions toward healing. In short, when you are done with the book OB, if you use this journal to record your findings; your journal will contain the details of your healing for future reference and all the treasured interactions you had with the Savior along the way.

Once Broken Guide

Though Once Broken is primarily a self-counseling book, it is well adapted to being used by a pastor or counselor to guide the reader through the healing process. The fifteen page guide contains direction to counselors and pastors about how to best direct the reader through the healing process. It instructs guides exactly what the objectives are for each question in the journal and identifies the key questions that are vital for healing.

GSB – Touch One

When an irate and possibly insane man showed up at Pastor Chris Schimel’s church on what would have otherwise been a normal afternoon, the pastor felt his anxiety level rising and his time slipping away. When the man continued to visit over the months, and as the pastor became increasingly involved in the desperate man’s life—it became crystal clear that God had placed the man in Pastor Chris’ life for a reason.

Touch One Leadership and Study Guide

The Touch One Leadership and Study Guide contains questions for each of the seventeen chapters in Touch One. The questions are designed to help insure that the reader takes away the intended purpose of each chapter and the overall book, as well as discover some of his or her own observations about the message (s) it contains.

GSB – Beautiful Behaviors

What makes the church beautiful? What causes Christians appear beautiful to those outside the church? How can the church, the bride of Christ, develop beauty that reflects the glory and character of Christ, her Bridegroom?

Beautiful Behaviors Study Guide

The Beautiful Behaviors Study Guide is designed to help small groups and classes understand what kinds of Christian behaviors and mindsets will bring real freedom to their lives and be attractive to those who do not yet know Christ.

Murder in the Church

When Chris Schimel said yes to God’s call to the ministry of saving souls, he never thought it would also mean saying yes to saving people’s lives from murder. When a late Saturday night phone call from one of his parishioners reveals a shocking announcement about the person’s family, Pastor Chris is thrust into a nine-day-long heart-stopping race to save their lives.

GSB – Between You & Me

Between You and Me is an insightful “mini” E-book that could change all of your relationships for the better. It contains six insightful chapters filled with hidden nuggets from God’s word that will make profound differences in all of your relationships. Because of its mini-size, it provides a concise package of six individual lessons; but if desired, could easily be lengthened into a twelve lesson format by making each chapter stretch into two lessons of discussion. Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter.

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GSB – Lessons of the Fall

Lessons of the Fall is an insightful book examining the inward emotional and practical implications of the fall of the human race into sin. If one thought the events of the first three chapters Genesis were just fairy tales, after working through this eye-opening and captivating study, those thoughts may disappear. Such subjects as blame, self-esteem, the rise of narcissism, sexual battles, the real curse, why we wander, and the reason we hide; and more are addressed. It studies the real issues and tragedies of the fall of mankind, and how they are lived out in the lives of people today, as it presents biblical and proven solutions. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

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A Story of Rage

A Story of Rage is a gripping novel that was inspired by actual events. It tells of the life of a young man caught up in a home riddled with the kind of dysfunction that rings way more true and typical than people in our world would like to admit. You will be shocked and amazed as you watch rage run its course and yet result in redemption you were never able to see coming. This is another of those books you will have difficulty putting down. This presentation is in the form of an E-book.

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