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Beautiful Behaviors

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What makes the church beautiful? What causes Christians appear beautiful to those outside the church? How can the church, the bride of Christ, develop beauty that reflects the glory and character of Christ, her Bridegroom?

Beautiful Behaviors answers these questions with eighteen insightful chapters that present pertinent biblical counsel interwoven with candid, even radical at times, thought provoking illustrations from the rich treasury of author Chris Schimel’s many years of ministry. Examine yourself and your church in light of this very practical, scriptural teaching on Christ-like living. And learn to practice the vital behaviors that will make you and your church stunning in beauty, an attractive, glorious reflection of the radiance of God’s love. This book could revolutionize your life and your church.


  • “Beautiful Behaviors is an effective personal approach with suggestions for facilitating renewal and dynamic perceptions of how Christians can reflect the glory and character of Christ’s brightness.”
    Richard Blake, Midwest Book Review
  • “I loved Touch One, but I liked Beautiful Behaviors better because it challenged me to rethink how I was looking at a lost world.”
    Karen Prelowwitz, Human Resource Manager
  • “An ingenious approach to a vital message at a crucial time”
    George Hill, Industrial Psychologist, Business Consultant
  • “Every Christian adult class needs to study this book.”
    Debbie Portman, Housewife

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