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Murder in the Church

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When Chris Schimel said yes to God’s call to the ministry of saving souls, he never thought it would also mean saying yes to saving people’s lives from murder. When a late Saturday night phone call from one of his parishioners reveals a shocking announcement about the person’s family, Pastor Chris is thrust into a nine-day-long heart-stopping race to save their lives.

Murder in the Church is a true, gripping, minute by minute account of a church family in a desperate crisis; and their pastor in a desperate fight to save their lives.

Available through hard copy by clicking the Buy Now button above and available through Kindle by LifeWay.

  • “Murder in the Church is filled with life.”

    Jack Hayford, TV Host, Spirit Formed Life
  • “This story needs to be told. As much as I have ever recommended any book, I strongly recommend that you read Murder in the Church.”
    Bob Price, Host, Family Life Network
  • “Murder in the Church is the best book I have ever read.”
    Sue Colwell, Executive Director, St. Susan’s Center, Jamestown NY
  • “Wow there’s hope. Murder in the Church is proof. A riveting read.”
    Pastor Alma Thompson, Co-Lead Pastor, Harvest Chapel, Fredonia, NY
  • “An absolutely intriguing book depicting the dark side of humanity, and God’s desire to forgive and redeem.”
    Terry Parks, MS, MFT, Bakersfield, CA
  • “Chris’s best work so far. It is fast-paced and sobering and yet a sanctuary of
    hope for the broken and misunderstood…a must read.”

    Pastor Jim Stamp, Westside Church, Chesapeake, VA
  • “Chris Schimel is a gifted story teller and engages his reader with
    strong character and plot development. In Murder in the Church he evidences an understanding of ministry, a genuine compassion for his church family, the impact of evil, and the grace of a loving, merciful God.”

    Richard Blake, Bridgman, MI

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