Once Broken

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Once Broken changed the author’s life before it was ever a book. One day, after he had already become a Christian, had gone to Bible College and seminary, and had pastored churches for more than fifteen years, he woke up and realized: he was broken…and needed healing.

At this painful discovery, He didn’t seek out a process of healing from some book. There was no process to seek out anyway. So he started doing what he knew to do. He prayed, read God’s Word, talked to a Christian counselor and journaled. He fell on his knees before God and watched God do a miracle of unprecedented transformation in his life. Chris watched God take what he was doing and turn it into a process by which He brought healing to his emotional brokenness. It became the single most life-changing experience of his existence, second only to his conversion to Christ.

Once Broken is a book that spells out the author’s own personal journey to obtain emotional healing. But, it is described in a way that readers can use to acquire their own healing. It can be used in a self-counseling format, or by counselors or pastors who want to help people they lead.

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  • "This is a much needed book. ‘Once Broken’ goes beyond identifying and addressing the problem of emotional ill-health. It provides a biblical solution, and does so with descriptive and yet humble examples from the author's personal experience."
    Archibald Hart, M. Sc., Ph. D., FPPR., Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • “Chris Schimel has written, ‘Once Broken’ with such a radical realness and personal transparency that it stirs the reader to confront emotional pain and struggle head on! Without religious rhetoric and tired self-help formulas, ‘Once Broken’ reaches beyond the norm and lifts perspective to the One and Only True Source of healing. Through his own experience and triumph over brokenness, he speaks with godly authority that leads the way to a victory march for those willing to take the journey.”
    Dr. Glenn C. Burris, Jr., President, The Foursquare Church
  • “Once Broken takes a good look at the impact we have on others - damaging and redeeming. It serves as a good pathway for those wanting to understand brokenness and move to wholeness.”
    Bishop Matthew Thomas, Western Region, Free Methodist Church
  • “‘Once Broken’ was mesmerizing! I was blown away by the author’s candid transparency. I immediately thought of many who need to read it. I will be stocking my bookshelves with several copies to help the many I encounter with deep emotional struggles. But this book doesn’t just offer comfort for people in pain; it also provides beautiful, practical and biblical steps towards healing. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
    Bobby Murietta, Sr. Pastor, Triumphant Life Church, Worcester, MA
  • “I thought I would review ‘Once Broken’ quickly. No such luck. The book affected me deeply and I found myself wrestling with my own issues in ways that were sobering, but also healing and freeing. This is one book of which I will keep several copies on hand to give to people in my ministry who need emotional healing, but I would recommend it for everyone.”
    Jeff Bellinger, Sr. Pastor, Free Methodist, Church Gowanda, NY
  • “You can trust Chris Schimel’s book ‘Once Broken’ to guide your parishioner, if you are a pastor, or you, if you are not, on a biblically based, emotionally authentic path to true and lasting healing.”
    Alma Thompson, Co-Sr. Pastor, Harvest Chapel, Fredonia, NY
  • “I believe that pastors and counselors should keep copies of ‘Once Broken….the Path to Emotional Health’ on their shelves to give to those needing emotional healing! I will keep some on mine. Reading Chris Schimel’s book was of great benefit to my life.”
    Dave McCarthy, Sr. Pastor, Free Methodist Church, Gerry, NY
  • The overused word "transparency" has become like an old tennis ball thrown against the wall with little or no life left in it. Once Broken brings it back to its original meaning as Chris peals back layers of his life to apply biblical truths for health and healing. Highly recommended!
    Jim Stamp, Pastor, Westside Church, Chesapeake, VA
  • “I confer with Pastor Chris Schimel’s quote from ‘Once Broken’, ‘This book is for anyone who has the courage to confront the emotional fiends within them, with the power of the same cross that saved them, so that they might become more like Christ in this life.’ I am praying that through this book many will find the healing for which their hearts most long, and find the freedom to serve God and others with joy!”
    Bishop David Kendall, Mid-America Region, Free Methodist Church
  • “I have known Chris Schimel’s ministry for many years. He is worthy of being heard by both fellow pastors, and all those in Christ’s kingdom who are willing to grow in real understanding”.
    Jack W. Hayford

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