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When an irate and possibly insane man showed up at Pastor Chris Schimel’s church on what would have otherwise been a normal afternoon, the pastor felt his anxiety level rising and his time slipping away. When the man continued to visit over the months, and as the pastor became increasingly involved in the desperate man’s life—it became crystal clear that God had placed the man in Pastor Chris’ life for a reason.

Except for a small amount of fiction for dramatic purposes, “Touch One” is based on a true story. Having been compared to the book “Pay It Forward,” this touching and intriguing account will help readers better understand those who are hurting—and that the answers and circumstances are never simple.Touch One will deeply touch your soul.


  • “After receiving and reading a free copy I was so moved by the message, I distributed several copies to my people and led my church into a summer Touch One Evangelism Campaign.”
    Mike Openshaw, Sr. Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Center, Oceanside, CA
  • “Fantastic read. I couldn’t stop reading. Touch One is true to the life of a pastor. A must read for every pastor and ministry leader.”
    Bobby Murrietta, Sr. Pastor, Triumphant Life Church, Worchester, MA
  • “This is truly an important book. It would be good for every church pastor to read it.”
    Bob Klecan, Pastor, First Baptist Church, North East, PA
  • “Wow! What a powerful book! I read it in one sitting and I hate to read.”
    Skip Roberts, Vocalist, Church Music Director
  • “I read it in one day, gave it to my sister-in-law and she read it in one day. My friend Ellen also acquired a copy and like the rest of us she couldn’t put it down. Wow! What a testimony of the importance to reaching out to the one.”
    Anita Pretak, Church Leader
  • “I purchased twenty copies to give to friends and colleagues. I really appreciated the challenges in this book.”
    Susan Bartlett, Pastor’s Wife
  • "Touch One" draws from real life, is authentic and Inspiring. A good

    Richard Blake, Bridgman, MI
  • “A necessary read for all pastors and ministry leaders.”
    Jen Heinrich, Youth Director
  • “I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.”
    Theresa Roberts, Office Manager
  • “Every pastor and ministry leader needs to read this book.”
    Vincent Sanzo, Sr. Pastor, Lakeshore Assembly of God, Westfield, NY
  • “I bought to give to pastors I know.”
    Rick Mathews, Business Owner, Vocalist
  • “I acquired five to distribute to pastors and ministry leaders.”
    Bill Mix, Medical Doctor, Church Elder
  • “I couldn’t put it down until I finished it and I don’t like to read.”
    Rachel Pool, Clerk
  • “Relays practical encouragement that assists others in their own private journeys.”
    Jack W. Hayford, TV Host, Spirit Formed Life
  • “I bought eight to give to pastors in my area.”
    Susan Brown, Musician
  • “An insightful read that has changed my whole perspective on church growth and ministering to the lost.”
    Pam Porter, Project Manager
  • “I couldn’t put it down.”
    Catherine LaPorte, Retired Business Owner
  • “I was compelled to read it until I was done. I finished it in four hours.”
    Heidi Gabalski, Personal Trainer
  • “I couldn’t put the book down. And that was good because I needed to read it, as does every Christian and pastor.”
    Shannon Kantz, Postmaster
  • “I purchased twenty copies to give to pastors. Every pastor needs to read this book.”
    Tom Perkins
  • “I bought ten to give to pastors and church leaders I know.”
    Eileen LaPorte, PhysicalEducation Teacher
  • “I bought ten to give to friends and church leaders I know.”
    Marilyn Hemmer, E.R. Technician
  • “After reading it I bought ten to go through with my Sunday School Class.”
    Becky Hall
  • “I read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down.”
    Nancy Mulson
  • “Every pastor and anyone even thinking about being in ministry should read this book, probably several times.”
    Lauren Humdy, Assisting Minister

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