Touch One Ministries
It started with a book. It was the first book I wrote and was titled "Touch One". It described an individual that came by my office one day for help. The encounter changed my life as it helped me to see the heart of God toward the "one". I wrote a book about it and it became the inspiration for the launching of the nonprofit organization that we now call Touch One Ministries.

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The “we” I referred to above is made up of my wife, Shirley, and I. She was an integral part of the starting of our new adventure. She had a vision to begin a counseling ministry through which she could use the encouragement gifts God had given her; and what better name to call it than Touch One Ministries. It is more than the name of my first book. It is what counselors do; touch one life at a time.

So, in the fall of 2005 we started our ministry while still in Colorado. It was our intention to see it get into full swing by the time we had relocated to Western New York, the area where Shirley and I grew up. All went as planned and we filed as a 501-C3 in the fall of 2006.

Since incorporating we have seen God open one door after another; doors of provision, doors of opportunity, and doors of ministry where other books have been written, lives have been transformed, marriages have been saved, suicides have been averted and where souls have been won to Christ. It has been an incredible journey marked by God’s blessing at every turn. With the opening of each new door, it became clearer to us that God had a great plan for Touch One Ministries. It is a becoming a beacon of hope for the people of Western New York and for those across our country who have benefited from its resources.

What Resources Does Touch One Ministries Provide?

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Primarily, Touch One Ministries provides counseling from both Chris and Shirley, and ministry resources from Chris’ writings. Shirley is a Board Certified Christian Counselor with the American Association of Christian Counselors and an Ordained Minister. Chris has a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in counseling and is also an Ordained Minister. Chris has written books that are designed to bring instruction, inspiration and healing to pastors, Christians and churches.

Shirley and Chris also lead seminars in areas of Grief and Loss, as well as for individuals seeking emotional healing. If you would like for the Schimels to present a seminar for your church or ministry, click on the link;

Chris will also come speak at your church or ministry.  He is a gifted speaker with a heart for the lost  and the broken hearted.  He has spoken in churches and conferences across our country and comes with the desire to uplift your church or ministry with encouragement and hope.  If you would like Chris to speak to your ministry click on the link;  we need a speaker.  A speaking sample can be heard by clicking on the link; what does this guy sound like anyway?

Would You Like To Offer Financial Support to Touch One Ministries?

Touch One Ministries also has people  who support it with donations.  If you would like to know more about how you can give a one time or monthly donation to the ongoing efforts of Touch One Ministries, click the link; Hey!  Can I get in on that?

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